Micro Excelerite™

Micro Excelerite Ionic Trace MineralExcelerite™ provides a full-spectrum of 78 bio-available dietary minerals, macro and micro-nutrients, and a host of trace elements. The ionic, chelated minerals are naturally-sourced from a rare Calcium Montmorillonite clay deposit in Panaca, Nevada.

Remineralize & Rejuvenate Your Body Right Now

      Boost immune system
      Increase energy levels
      Balances body pH level 6.7 to 7.3
      Improves skin, hair, nails & bone
      Improves metabolism
      Aids digestion

Completely non-toxic and pH neutral
100% natural — no additives, fillers or processing
Purified and bottled under licensed USDA-approved laboratory facilities

Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-1.16; derived from Montmorillonite Clay
Bears an average balanced pH range of 6.7-7.3.
Product of U.S.A.

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